Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Surprise Me Foil Nails

After trying out my foil English Rose (click here to see the original post) from dollarnailart.com I wanted more foils that had a pretty/different look to them (I also wanted a foil that could reflect like mirrors). I went back to dollarnailart.com and after seeing there inventory I couldn't find anything that I really wanted so I ended up on ebay (my bad addiction). I found a store called american_nails (click here if you want to see her/his inventory on foils) that had foils that I really liked but I wasn't in the mood to spend 4.49 EUR (plus 3.50 EUR shipping; for additional items it's 0.10 EUR; my total came down to around $25 Canadian) per foil but after seeing one of the patterns that I really liked I couldn't resist and I ended up buying 4 out of the 8 that I really wanted. Yes I have low self control when it comes to my addiction=> nail polish. Honestly if my mom hadn't told me (correction gotten angry at me) to stop buying nail polish I would still be wasting my money on nail polishes =)). 

I don't know how many really want to see my purchase so I'm going to start with the manicure before showing what I bought. For today's manicure I used Dentelle Noir (it means black lace; the listing is in French) foil and before applying it I applied Lion Around by essie as my base color.For this foil you do need a base color because only the pattern is in color while rest of the foil is clear. How the foil looks on top of my palm and woodenstick:

Lion Around by essie is a beautiful light pink (kind of peachy pink) color with really small silver shimmer in it. Note you can get away with 2 coats but I went with the usual 3 coats. Swatches of Lion Around :
 With flash (the shimmer is more visible in the this)

After my nail polish was dry I applied foil adhesive on my nails. Once the foil adhesive was dry I applied the foil on my nails using a wooden stick. I used Lasting Finish Pro by Rimmel London as my top coat (the foil doesn't get wrinkled when you use this top coat). How the final manicure looked:

 How my other hand turned out:
Note I had to apply nail polish again on two of my nails and when I applied the foil I didn't realize the polish wasn't fully dry so I ended up ruining the design on those nails.

Sorry I didn't make a new tutorial for this because I have done a tutorial on foil nails before (click here to see the original post). Old tutorial:
The foils that I bought are (from left to right): Champagne or pale holographique (translation: Champagne or light holographic), Dentelle Noir (translation: Black Lace), Bleu nuit (translation: midnight blue), and Rose / orange metal (translation: red / orange metal)
The seller had also added 5 lizards (I'm guessing as a thank you gift) to the package and honestly they are so cute and adorable. (I tried finding this in her/his shop but didn't have any luck so I'll try to find another place that sells these.) Close up of the lizard (you can click on the image to enlarge it):

Hope you enjoyed my post for today. If you liked it or hated it let me know in the comment or reaction section below. NOTE: I'm not paid for this and neither have I been asked to review the product. All purchases are made from my pocket money.



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