Saturday, 12 October 2013

Konad Stamping Plates

Recently Konad released some new image plates from m96 to m100 and I decided to buy m99 and m100. Between they released m91 to m95 back in April <= I didn't buy any of those plates along with m98 mainly because I'm trying to limit my purchases.


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My WhereAbouts

Sorry for not posting for the past few months, if you are added on my facebook than you might know that I got married on January 26, 2013 (and divorced on June 29, 2013 <= yah my life got turned into a real life joke) to my 6 month old fiance in my mother country. I came to visit my parents in Canada end of May 2013.

At the time being I'm just trying to co-op with my divorce and trying to accept what happened. I will start posting again once I'm in the right state of mind.
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