Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Simple and Elegant Manicure + Haul

I know I said it in my last post that I was going to do my nails after my exams were done (April 27, 2012 to be more exact) but I never got to it :(. <= I'll try to explain this in another post :D.

Today's post is a tryout and also a haul about a product that I've been wanting for sometime know but I never bought it (I usually don't trust online shopping a lot; especially when the website is not a well known site). Few weeks back someone on my facebook posted pictures of their order from (yes you guessed it nail foils) and I decided to buy it after asking the person for information.

For the first part of my post I did a simple foil manicure using the foil called English Rose.

Video tutorial:
For the base color I used French White by Wet n Wild. I know the instruction paper that comes with the foil doesn't mention this step but I did it because the foil was transparent. 
After my base color was dry I cut the foil according to my nail length and applied the adhesive on my nails. Once the adhesive was dry I placed the foil on my nail (shinny/pattern side up). I didn't apply a top coat (that's why the final look isn't that shinny), but the instruction paper does say you can apply a top coat on it as long as you don't drag the brush on the same place again. Final results without a top coat:

My other hand:
Overall I'm happy with the manicure because it was the 1st time I tried foils, and to top it off I had a hard time telling which side is the shinny side on this foil sheet. Hope you enjoyed my manicure for today. If you liked it or hated it let me know in the comment section below.

Like I said before the second part of the post is a haul :D. I usually don't do haul posts but I had to do it for this post (no I'm not getting paid to do this; it's just for sharing purposes). I bought total of 18 foils (for every 6 foils you get a free bottle of foil adhesive of 1/4 oz), dot studs (in silver, midnight blue, and purple; each bag is suppose to contain 48 studs in it), teardrop studs (in purple, and midnight blue; each bag is suppose to contain 36 studs in it), metallic flat diamonds (in silver, and the bag is suppose to contain 250 flat diamonds in it), and ice chips (in white, and sky blue).

Note: Click on the image to see the pictures more clearly.

From left to right: TieDye Surprise, Primary colors, Niagara Nights, Peacock Dazzle, Niagara Cascade, and Opal Swirl.
From left to right: Silver dots, Arctic tides, Sterling Roads, Fiber Optics, Silver Spectrum, and Candlelight.
From left to right: English Rose, African Jade, Laser Optics, Violet, Elven Gold, and Wrapping Paper.

The three foil adhesive:
Ice Chips:
Everything else:

Some of you might be wondering why I bought so many things if I only wanted foils right???Actually, problem with is even though everything is for $1 you have to have a minimum order of $25 before shipping (click here for shipping prices). My total came down to $33.40 (after shipping; which was $7.40 for Canada). I received my package within 2 week (I placed my order on April 21st, it was shipped out on April 25th, and I received it on May 1st); and it was well packed. Honestly speaking apart from the minimum order requirement I was really happy with my order.

Sorry for making this post so long, hope you enjoyed my post for today. If you liked it or hated it let me know in the comment section below.


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