Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Konad Plates & Special Nail Polish

Few weeks ago Konad announced they were releasing 3 new plates along with 3 new special polishes.

Simple Water Decal

Around an year or two ago I got into nail art. Back then I assumed the simplest nail designs were nail stamping until I heard about water decals. Before I went out and purchased some expensive decals I decided to test out some cheaper ones. I purchased the cheaper decals from e-bay for either $1 for 12 decals or around $3.50 for 4 sheets (each sheet containing 20 images).

For my first attempt at water decal I used Road House Blues by OPI as my base colour (it might have been I Brake For Manicure I can't remember which one it is but I remember it's from the Touring America collection by OPI) and applied the water decal on top along with a top coat.

I used Green-Wich Villiage by OPI as base colour and applied the water decal and a top coat to finish the design for my second attempt at water decal:

For my third attempt at water decal I used No Room For The Blues by OPI as my base colour before applying the water decal and top coat.
My fourth attempt at water decal. Before applying the top coat and the water decal I used Planks a Lot by OPI as my base colour, and using a makeup sponge I used white on white by china glaze for the cloudy effect (which I wasn't fully able to get).
Lastly for my last attempt at water decal I didn't have to add a base colour because the decal was for the full nail but I did add white as a base colour before applying the water decal on my nails. Personally I think I shouldn't have done that because after my decal started to wear out it looked really ugly. Note, I took this picture after the design had been on my nails for 2-3 days and had started to wear out.

Hope you guys enjoyed my post. I personally think water decals are one of the best things to have been created for nail art because they are simple, easy to do, and don't take up lot of time.
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