Saturday, 7 April 2012

Pretty in Pink Nail Stamping

For today's manicure I used Cassi by Zoya, it's a really pretty coral pink shade with small shimmer in it. I've had this color for some time know but never wore it up until know, and honestly I regret not have worn it before. Also I feel bad posting these swathes because auto-rotate has messed up the swathes a bit :(. Swatch of Cassi with flash:

Swatches without flash:

For stamping I used RA-104 (click here to obtain more information on red angel plates) with dark blue Konad stamping polish. Swatches of the final design:

Hope you liked my post for today :-)


  1. i love this coral sparkly nail polish!


  2. I love zoya cassi,I like the combination of colors .


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