Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Classic Black & White Manicure

Today I decided to do a simple black and white manicure.

Tutorial for the manicure using Konad plate m73:

For the base color I used French White by Wet n Wild. The stamping plates I used are: BM - 221 (from bundle monster set II), RA-112 (from red angel plate set; click here to obtain more information on red angel plates), RA-109 (from red angel plate set), and BM-20 (bundle monster set I). For stamping I used Black by Rimmel London, it stamped as grey instead of black :D (guess my search for a grey stamping polish ends here). How it looked after I was done:

For this step I applied tape, at an angel, on my tips. Side note: you don't have to use tape if you are good at making a French tip at an angel (I didn't use tape on my Polka Dots Manicure, click here for instructions and pictures of the manicure), the only reason why I used tape is to prevent getting nail polish under my nails and to save time. Also, before applying the tape make sure your nails are dry and the tape isn't too sticky (simply apply the tape on your skin and remove it 2-3 times; image on the left). How it looked after I was done applying tape on my tips (image on the right):

For this step I applied Black Satin by Rimmel London on the tips of my nail. How it looked after I was done:
 After the polish has settled in (as in it's starting to dry but it's not fully dry) remove the tape (and clean your nails if you got any polish on your skin). Final result before applying a top coat:

Final results after applying a top coat:

Hope you enjoyed my post for today. If you liked it or hated it let me know in the comment section below.


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