Sunday, 2 December 2012

Update: What am I up to now days?

Those of you on my facebook might already know that I got engaged in mid July (July 12th to be more exact) and those who just follow my blog or either youtube channel well now you know too :D. I'm getting married in January and leaving Toronto (my fiance doesn't live in Toronto) <= in other words I wouldn't be posting anything up until after my wedding. Some of you might be wondering why aren't I posting now? Since I knew I was going to be enrolling in University for another semester I kind of packed my nail art supplies and most nail polishes (only have some zoya's, china glaze and some other polishes that need to be packed) in September (I didn't want to forget anything and plus I hate packing at the last minute).

In the past few months I've purchased some stamping plates and some new nail art supplies.

The plates that I purchased in the past few months are:
- Cheeky set 1 and set 2 (I bough from cheeky's website and shipping took around 3-4 weeks; I've heard shipping time is less if you buy it from amazon)
- Mash set 2 (I purchased these from there website and had to pay a fixed shipping rate for international shipping)
- Konad plate m89 and m90 (I prefer m89 over 90; I've purchased them from ocnailart but currently m89 is sold out on ocnailart; I was able to find a seller on ebay that still has the plate in stock, click here to see her listing or click here to see her store)
- XL plate M (purchased it from ebay from the seller oshine-beauty.storee click here to see the person's store or click here to view the exact listing; I got the plate within 3-4 weeks.)
- XL plate C (I ordered this a week ago from lightinthebox; click here to see the plate; NOTE you pay using paypal and they allow you to add insurance, for additional $2, on your package)
- MLS-05 (I ordered this a week ago from lightinthebox; click here to see the plate)
- OB 6 and OB 37. I got both of them after bidding on ebay, OB6 was for $2.53, and OB37 was for $1.80. I've heard lightinthebox sells one plate for $1.50 and you can purchase them separately. I received this after a month but it wasn't the sellers fault, due to harsh weather the package was delayed.
- QA 06-10 I got these from a bid on ebay. I got them for a higher price (I bided $10 hoping no one would go above $6 but apparently someone really wanted them so at the last minute they bided at $9.20 so I ended up paying $10 plus $1.50  for shipping) but a seller on ebay is selling 3 plates for $4.85 USD.  I received this after a month but it wasn't the sellers fault, due to harsh weather the package was delayed.

Lol it seems like a lot when I look at it in one list but overtime it hasn't felt like I've bought that many plates. After buying my Cheeky and Mash sets I wanted to buy some lace / bow print stamping plates but ended up buying more than just two three plate O_o. I do have some wedding/party nail designs in mind but I'll be posting them in February 2012 or either a week after my wedding. I'm still not sure if I'm going to post my wedding nails (I'm going to use fake nails for all the different wedding ceremonies) in advance or after my wedding. NOTE: I'm South Asian so the wedding is going to last for 5-6 days (lol seems like a lot right but each day is a different ceremony).

Also, sorry for not posting original pictures of the nail plates it's just I've packed most of the plates (except for XL C and MLS-05 <= these are the two that I ordered last week) and I don't want to unpack them (and my stamping polishes) and than take pictures, test them and pack them again. Also I've read and seen good reviews for the mash plates, cheeky set 1+2, XL and MLS plate (hopefully I like them as much as other bloggers/youtubers who reviewed them).

NOTE: Everything mentioned in this post was purchased using my own money. Everything I said in this post is my honest opinion. Also I wasn't paid or asked by any of these companies to review/mention there products in my post!

Hope you enjoyed my post for today. If you liked it or hated it let me know in the comment or reaction section below.


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