Friday, 23 November 2012

Review Bundle Monster Set 3

Opening my Bundle Monster plates (click here for the original post):
Close up of Bundle Monster Plates (click here for the original post):

Testing Bundle Monster Plate Set 3:

I'm not going to post the video because for some reason my Window's Movie Maker refuses to convert the file in proper format.

For stamping polish I used:
- Konad's special dark orange stamping polish (for image plates BM-301 to BM-308),
- Cherry Red from SallyHansen's Xtreme wear collection (for image plates BM-309 to BM-314),
- Green With Envy from SallyHansen's Xtreme wear collection (for only 1 image on BM-315, the detail was visible in person but my camera wasn't picking it up so I changed my color),
- Blue Me Away from SallyHansen's Xtreme Wear collection (for image plates BM-315 to BM-

NOTE: If an image gave me a problem I'll mention that underneath the image.


I did have some issues with this plate but I'm guessing it's possible that the lip has some adhesive on it(I did try taking it off but it wasn't coming off) maybe that's why I had a hard time stamping it properly (even when I tried using a metal scraper). Also, the butterfly's antenna gave me some problems but after I turned my fan off it worked fine for me. 

This plate gave me the hardest time out of the entire set. I found it helped when I used a metal scraper instead of the plastic scraper (especially for the lighting, for the devils tail, for the devil's face and for the small devil). Also for some of the images I did have to try scraping in different directions.


The first time I stamped the citrus I sneezed so it didn't turn out that great. Also I stamped the image with various kitchen supplies on them twice because my stamper wasn't picking up the entire image.
For this I didn't really have a hard time but I recommend turning your fan/AC off if you want the sandals to stamp properly.
My stamper didn't pick up the entire image.
The small love in the image that has a heart and the word love written in large and bold letters gave me a bit of problem (it's not engraved deep enough). 
The bear on this plate doesn't really like me!!! No matter what I did the outline of the bear's face refused to stamp.

I only had some problems with once image on this plate (heart with wings) but after I used a metal scraper it worked fine.
I started with a different nail polish for stamping but my camera didn't pick up the colour so I went back to the blue stamping polish that I was using.
Honestly I was really tired when stamping this plate that's why I kept missing parts of the images when I was trying to pick it up.

I had only made a video on BM-317 to BM-325 and since the video is not working I don't have pictures for those plates.

Overall I really love the stamping plates; the images are original and the finest detail is visible in the final . I'm not going to be biased against the entire set just because some of my images didn't work especially since I know Bundle Monster has improved there sets a lot since the very 1st set they released few years ago.
- You can purchase Bundle Monster plates directly from bundle monster (by clicking here) or through amazon (by clicking here).
- I've bought most of my Konad stamping polish from ocnailart (click here) or either from wowsocool (click here)
- SallyHansen's Xtreme Wear nail polishes can be purchased from most stores like Walmart, Loblaws, Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart, etc.

NOTE: Everything mentioned in this post was purchased using my own money. Everything I said in this post is my honest opinion. Also I wasn't paid or asked by any of these companies to review/mention there products in my post!

Hope you enjoyed my post for today. If you liked it or hated it let me know in the comment or reaction section below.


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