Friday, 14 December 2012

Pink Nails + Water Decals

For today's manicure I'm posting a really simple pink manicure (actually that's all that I can do because I don't know where I packed my stamping plates and other nail stuff) that I did 2 days ago.

For the base color I used 2 layers of Zanna by Zoya, it's a light pink ... :Swatche of Zanna:

On my thumb and ring finger I decided to apply 2 layers of Holo Pink by Kleancolor. How it looked after applying Holo Pink on my nails:

After once the polish was dry I was emptying out my drawers and found 2 different sheets of water decals :D. Sorry for not linking the seller from whom I bought them from (he/she either no longer sells them or is out of stock; I remember buying around 8 small random sheets for around $3 - $4.) The water decal that I applied on my nails:

How it looked after applying the water decals:

The next day I decided to apply 1 coat of Cream Pearl by KleanColor. Sadly after taking 1-3 pictures I ruined my manicure; I forgot that I didn't apply a top coat (I've packed my base and top coat and I had gotten used to using Seche Vite and other fast drying top coats to dry my nails within a minute or two.)

I know my nails are a bit out of shape, and my nail polish application is a bit crappy (hello I haven't applied nail polish for a while now :P ).

Hope you enjoyed my post for today. If you liked it or hated it let me know in the comment or reaction section below.

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  1. I loved the idea of using transfers on your nails it is such a creative idea and they look so cute with that colour the coat of cream pearl really tops it off

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