Friday, 6 July 2012

Cute Nail Stamping

For today's post I was planning on posting my review for bundle monster's new stamping plates but I wasn't fully done (I edited the entire video into 1 and it ended up being too long so I'm planning on dividing it and editing it again; hopefully it'll be up by Sunday <= keep in mind it has 25 plates). Well for today's post I decided to upload an old manicure. Actually I made the tutorial in February but never had the time to edit it so I decided to edited it and post that instead of my bundle monster's review.

NOTE: For the original manicure I didn't use Konad plates. Back when I got into nail art I didn't know the difference between Konad/fake/bundle monster (or any other nail plates) stamping plates but I loved how girls were able to make pretty prints on there nails using stamping plates. After a while I decided to invest in some stamping plates and bought some fake plates from ebay (they came in a bundle of 8 and or 15 for a very low price). I wanted to upload the tutorial again using the original plates but than I remembered how Konad has become strict on fake plates so I decided to post this instead.

The image plates that I used originally:
Apart from a base and top coat I only applied the red nail polish on the french tip (sorry I don't remember the red nail polish I used) and for stamping I used Timeless White by Sallyhansen. Final manicure:

Hope you enjoyed my post for today. If you liked it or hated it let me know in the comment or reaction section below.


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