Friday, 22 June 2012

Simple Stamping Using RA-106

For today's post I used Dim Sum Plum by OPI as my base color. Dim Sum Plum is a magenta pink/purple color (and no the color doesn't look like a plum) and the formula is really good (honestly if you layer it properly you can get away with 1 coat but I did 2 coats to be on the safe side). Swatches of Dim Sum Plum:

For stamping I used Lickety-Split Lime by SallyHansen's Insta-Dry collection with red angel's image plate RA-106. I liked how the stamp came out using Lickety-Split Lime but I was hoping it would be a bit brighter then this. Swatches of the final look:

Hope you enjoyed my post for today. If you liked it or hated it let me know in the comment or reaction section below.


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