Friday, 13 April 2012

Fish Egg Manicures NOT Caviar Manicure

Today's post is about a company named Ciate who emailed several bloggers, telling them they needed to remove any reference to their company and they were no longer allowed to use the term "caviar manicure" in their posts. Before saying anything I would like to thank Ciate for making me realize how behind I'm in the nail world and for making me realize how I managed to miss such a beautiful manicure (hello I'm a student :P). I don't think Ciate should be allowed to obtain copyrights on something they didn't even come up with.

The culture I come from teaches me if you are about to start something new you should do it with everyone's support, and you should avoid any fights that you can if you want to be successful. <= Something Ciate company owners need to realize. All there move did was make people realize how greedy and rude they are. By greedy I mean they expect a person to pay great sum of money for something that costs under $2, yes I said under $2 all you need are small metal beads (which can be purchased from from most art's and craft store, ebay or dollar stores).

I'll do a video tutorial and a step by step post on it later (sorry I've been studying since morning for my exam and I'm really tired right know). Click here to see swatches and a step by step tutorial on this manicure or simple watch the tutorial bellow:

My caviar fish egg manicure:

I know I messed up my manicure a bit but it was my first time trying it.

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