Thursday, 21 July 2011

How to Dry Your Nail Polish Faster

Ever decided to paint your nails, then realized they're not going to be dry in time? Do you become impatient while waiting for your nail polish to dry quickly? I usually hate having to wait for my nail polish to dry, and thinking about all the stuff I could be doing instead. Here's some quick and easy ways to get your nails dry fast and not ruin your manicure!

1. When you apply nail polish, you usually need 2 coats to get an even colour. However, some women tend to apply thick layers which take longer time to dry, and also cause your manicure to chip faster. You want to apply thin and even coats by removing excessive nail polish from the brush by brushing it lightly over the top of the bottle, before applying it on your nails. Taking time to evenly distribute the coating by using thin layers will allow the nail polish to dry faster and prevent chipping.

2. You might apply a clear polish on your coloured polish to prevent chipping and to add an extra shine to it. The problem with that is, an extra coat on your nail adds more drying time. It's a good idea to put on a top coat using a quick-drying clear polish (available in most drug stores, and beauty supply shops either locally or online). Quick-drying clear polish contains mineral oil and hardens quickly, protecting your nails from smudges.

3. Another useful product that can dry nails quickly are the fast-drying nail sprays. Simply hold the aerosol-like spray 12 inches (around 30 centimetres) away from your nails, and spray it lightly. (If you keep it too close to your nails the chemical wouldn't get distributed evenly on your nails, which might cause chipping or either ruining your manicure.) Your nails should dry within seconds after using it.

4. You can also dry nail polish quickly using a fan or either hair dryer (on cool temperature, to prevent your skin from getting damaged). Just point your nails in front of the fan/hair dryer and allow the cool air to blow on them. Wait until the coating hardens. Note, this method takes longer time than method 2 and 3.

5. Believe it or not, ice cold water can help your nail polish to dry faster. Let your nails run under cold tap water for around 3 minutes. Or, dip them in a bowl of ice cold water for 3 minutes. When your take your hand out of the cold water, your nail polish should be hard and any splotches on your skin will have cleared away.


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