Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hlaf Moon Nail Design using Konad plate m85

Around a week or so ago I posted a tutorial on youtube using Konad plate m85 to create a half moon floral design. Even though some people might've been disappointed with the final result because my middle finger's design was a bit messed up (1st the polish smeared when it was still wet, later the stamp didn't turn out that well, and to top it off when I removed the french tip guide some of the polish came off) but I was really glad as to how it turned out. Even though people around me call me a perfectionist I don't allow my perfectionist side to be displayed when it comes to nail art (I do nail art for fun and to release my stress not to please others.)

The final result for the half moon nail tutorial (click here to see the full tutorial and also to see a more clear result for the tutorial) I posted on youtube was:

Also after a week or so I re-did the same design using a different base color, added rhinestones, and instead of a glossy finish I used matte about you from essie to try out a matte look.

The base color I used was Stuck in the Chimney by Nicole by OPI (on the left it's with flash and on the right is without flash):

Sorry about the streakiness on the final look I didn't know how thin essie's matte about you really is until after I used it. The final look:

Hope you guys enjoyed my post.


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